Success Stories
Student Graduates to Level 4

Maureen Webster’s student, Ana Molena has completed Level 3 in the Laubach Reading Series and is now busy at work in level 4. Ana did very well on the Level 3 Assessment scoring 130 out of a possible 150 and passing 4 of the sections with a perfect score. Maureen said, “Her dedication and desire to do more have impressed me greatly.” She also reports that Ana is making great progress both in the books and in conversation and has more confidence when speaking. Congratulations Ana on this great success and thank you Maureen for all you have done to help her! Check out the photo in the Photo Gallery under “Students and Tutors in the News.” (10-16-17)
Student masters Lauback Book 1
Deborah Lewis has let us know that her student Matt, recently passed the checkups for Laubach Book 1 and is now hard at work in Book 2. Congratulations Matt! His achievement is even more impressive because he suffered severe injuries in a traffic accident some time ago and is learning to read all over again. Thank you Deborah for helping Matt and thank you Matt for all your hard work and effort. Well done the two of you! (10/3/17)
Student Reaches Milestones
Jaswinder Kaur, from India , started studying with WCANR in December, 2016 and has completed the Laubach 4 Study Series. Janet Hansen, Jaswinder's tutor, has repeatedly emphasized how competent Jas is in all respects of learning. She is truly a whiz. Reading the stories, and then completing the exercises, and many of the Skills Practices had become too easy for her. (See photos in Photo Gallery under “Students & Tutors in the News”)

Jaswinder's goal is to listen to and speak English better. So Janet changed the approach for the lessons. Now Jas does not read the stories before the lesson. Janet reads them to her, and then Jas completes the comprehension exercises. Jas has been pleased at how this method has improved her listening skills and speaking English skills. She still practices writing skills too.

Another huge milestone for Jaswinder is that she became a U.S. Citizen in March, 2017.

We congratulate Jaswinder on her impressive accomplishments and thank her tutor for all the help she has given her. (9/27/17)
Student Becomes a U.S. Citizen
Martha Burns, who tutors at the Mason Library, has shared the good news that her student, Joanne Wang, passed the Naturalization Test on Aug. 18, 2017 and took the Oath of Citizenship Saturday, September 9, 2017. Martha and her husband, Bruce, came to the Court of Southern District of Ohio in Cincinnati to attend the Naturalization Ceremony. (See photos in Photo Gallery under “Students & Tutors in the News”)

Joanne said, “Martha is very considerate and generous as always. She took time to find a very meaningful book of “From Sea to Shining Sea” for me as a special Naturalization gift. I was so happy to receive it. I love the book very much. The book introduced all historical places with photos in U.S. which I, as a new citizen, need to know.”

Martha also bought a commemorative card for her and she and Bruce took her to a Graeter's Ice Cream Shop to celebrate after the ceremony.

Although Martha gives Joanne all the credit and says she had little to do with it, Joanne said, “I thank her a lot from my heart. I am so lucky to meet Martha at this Warren County Adult New Readers program. She really did a lot for me much more than I expected.” (9/14/17)

Student Volunteers at Mason Tennis Tournament
One of Mimi McCain's students, Sayuri, had her first experience with volunteering in the United States.
She and Mimi ushered the tennis tournament which was recently held in Mason, Ohio. See their picture in the Photo Gallery titled "Students & Tutors in the News"

Sayuri worked six shifts, withstood the heat and helped thousands of patrons with their seat location as well as
assisting in many other ways.

She received a wonderful email from a patron who praised her for doing such a great job and keeping the tennis
tournament running smoothly.

Congratulations Sayuri !!! (8/23/17)
Reports from two tutors on their students' goal achievements
It is always exciting to hear that a student has met one or more of their goals. As the May Tutoring Calendars have started coming in, it has been very gratifying to see goals being met. Although they do not want me to use their names, I can tell you that two tutors have reported their respective students met a number of goals this past month. One reported their student achieved success in reading signs, labels, menus and is putting sentences together with greater ease. The other reported their student achieved success in managing a checking account, dealing with a repairman and helping their child at school. Well Done Tutors and Students! (6/5/17)
Student writes, in English. of her language journey & newfound job
Becky Swartz and her student, Padma, have given me permission to publish Padma’s
email. The focus of the instruction has been on writing skills so Becky has found authentic opportunities for Padma to put her words down on paper. I received an email May 16, 2017 which read:

“Hi Mrs. Geiger,

How are you? Mrs. Swartz and I have been meeting in the library for past couple of months according to our convenience. Here are the some of the lessons I learned up to now.

I met Becky 1st time on Tuesday, Feb 7th at 1 pm at the library. On that day we both introduced ourselves. I am also requested that she help in my resume preparation.

On Feb 28th, I furnished all of my certificates. She prepared my resume on her computer.She gave print out of those. And also she informed me about the job fair which you forwarded to all of your volunteer teachers.

On Wednesday, March 1st at 2pm, she came to my place. She took me to the job fair at Salem Township Public Library in Morrow. This is a new place for me to drive.

On March 7th, she helped in preparing the Cover Letter.

On March 20th, she taught how to use First and Last names, proper usage of Mr/Mrs and also some vocabulary.

On March 27th, I joined JC Penny as a part time associate. This was the result of going to the job fair.

On April 4th, we discussed culture, religions, languages and schooling in our countries.

On April 19th, she helped in writing a "Thanking You" note to you. And We also started Voyager4---Lesson 4.We discussed unusual vocabulary and worked on a comprehension check.

On May 2nd, we continued working on the Voyager4--Lesson 4 cause and effect and paragraph writing about "My Dream Job".

On May10th,We edited this mail. And also helped in writing a leave of absence.

Thanks for the nice tutor you found for me. She spent a lot of her valuable time on tutoring me. Please keep in touch with emails.

Thank you,
Padma.” (5/19/17)
Student gains employment
Jeanne Than-Win's student, Hiam Tannoury has "graduated" from our program. Jeanne told me that her last lessons were job hunting, applying and going to the interview together. She is now employed at the Mason Community Center. Jeanne says, "I am so happy for her, she is now a good friend and I enjoyed working with her." Congratulations to both Jeanne and Hiam! Well done, we are proud of you. (5-1-17)
Student masters book 3 and moves to next level
Tutor, Heidi Oliver, passed along the good news that her student, Ai Matsumoto, scored a 91% on her Book 3 (end of the book) check up. She is ready now to begin Book 4. Heidi says, “I’m very encouraged by the progress we’ve made so far. She works very hard!” Congratulations to both of you! Well done! (3-20-2017)

Student seeks to improve employment opportunities
A tutor recently shared the good news that her student became a U.S. Citizen shortly before she started working with her. The student is very excited to learn about the U.S. She also is learning how to fill out a resume and planned to attend the March 1 Job Fair held at the Salem Township Public Library. Her tutor helped her look up the address and plot her route to the library. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend the Job Fair because of changes in her current job schedule. Together, they continue to prepare for her next opportunity and she continues to learn more about the U.S. (3-10-17)
Student Learns to Fill Out a Job Application
In the monthly tutoring report turned in by our tutors, there is an area at the bottom listing goals the student is working on and it is always exciting to see that a goal has been met. We recently learned that a student had successfully filled out a job application for the first time. Hooray! (1-11-17)
Student Donates to End of Year Funding Campaign & Praises Her Tutor
We received a typed letter with a donation check folded inside the letter. The letter said:

“Ms. Martha Burns is my teacher who’s a very kind, knowledgeable lady. She always prepares for each lesson for me. And she brought the book “Cursive Writing” from your office to me, and taught me how to write cursive writing after that. She always stayed with me for more than 1.5 hours each week. Thanks a lot for her time spent with me and her patience. She actually taught me a lot about the society, election, history and etc. during the lessons. I hope the program can be continued.”

This is an example of the impact our tutors have on the lives of those they work with. A big thanks to Martha and to all our tutors. (12-27-16)
Student Passes Math GED & Votes for the First Time
Jean Reazer, who tutors in the Springboro area, and her student, Sherry Cao, recently shared with us the good news that Sherry had passed her math GED and had also voted for the first time. She and Jean went to vote together and it was a very happy experience. Congratulations! Well done! (Nov 2016)
Students receive GED, pass citizenship test
It’s been a busy and productive year for Warren County Adult New Readers students and their tutors. Successes range from a man who despite struggling with reading has graduated from truck driving school to a woman from South Korea who has improved her English writing and speaking so much while studying with her tutor that she has been accepted into an area college.

Other successes include an American woman who worked on math with her tutor and has passed her GED test. A woman from Russia recently passed her test to become a U.S. citizen. Other students from China and Thailand are also studying to become citizens.

Good news - another one of our students has passed her GED! She stopped by the office to tell us about her success and to thank us for finding her a tutor to help
Russian student expresses Thanks to Tutor
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the help of Warren County Adult New Readers program in my English studies. This program is a very important component in helping people like me with their adaptation in America and even to become people real Americans!

I also would like to mention that your personal in touch with every student and your choice of the tutor was very valuable to me. My tutor, helped me not only to “rise on feet” in my English, but also opened for me many interesting facts about life in America, about history of America. His teaching approach allowed me to understand my problems in studying of language and draw the correct conclusions.

In the last 9 months my tutor helped me to transition to a new level of English proficiency: I can speak, I can understand other people. For me English language proficiency is a possibility to live and participate in a society and be an active part of the community. That's why I would like to share my appreciation for everything my tutor and Adult New Readers helped me with. Thank you so much!
We love good news!
Tutors, continue to let us know when your student meets a goal or passes a milestone. We will continue to post our student success stories on this page.