Tutor Training

Would you like to work with an adult to help him or her read, write and speak English better?

Warren County Adult New Readers trains volunteers to tutor adults. This is a chance to help adults living or working in Warren or nearby counties who need tutoring because of their low literacy skills or who have a desire to learn English.

Tutors meet with their students at the public libraries in Warren County, Ohio. Volunteers from all parts of the county are needed.

Tuition and workshop materials are free.

Adult New Readers is supported by the Franklin/Springboro, Lebanon, Mason and Salem Township public Libraries.

FAQs About Tutoring

1. How will I receive a student? Your student has called us for help. Our office has met with them and asked them to fill out information about themselves and what their goals are. We currently have a waiting list of students who would like to work with a tutor.
2. How will I know what level my student is? The student has been assessed and you will receive information about the type of difficulties the student is having and what type of help they need. You will be told what level the student should start in.
3. Where do we meet? Student and tutor pairs meet in the public libraries in Warren County, in our office, or in churches and other public places. Do not meet at your student's home or have the student come to your home.
4. Is there a charge for tutor training or for the books? No.
5. How often are we expected to meet? At least once a week, 1 to 1.5 hours minimum. Twice a week is even better, if possible.
6. If I have a student from another country, do I need to speak the student's language? No. They want to learn English. Speaking their language is not necessary. You will be given an idea of how much English they speak or understand. Most of our students can read some English.